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Building surveying

Party wall and neighbourly matters

Fault diagnosis and remedial advice


Expert evidence for building and boundary disputes

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Building Surveying

The Practice provides advice on a wide variety of property including refurbishment, repairs and alterations from residential to commercial and industrial buildings of all ages. Services include the design and specification of building works and the administration of building contracts. Building surveys and inspections of commercial and industrial property are undertaken for a number of purposes including pre-acquisitions. Schedules of Condition are also prepared to create a record of a building, often in connection with a lease agreement or building works.

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Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters

 John has specialised in party wall matters for more than 25 years, keeping abreast of case law and seeking out and promoting best practice. Since 2002, he has taken an active role in running a branch of the Pyramus &Thisbe Society, a learned society for professionals practicing in party wall matters covering England and Wales.

When serving Notices on behalf of a Building Owner, John endeavors to obtain written consent and will guide owners and their Architects to this aim. If consent is not forthcoming John will work to agree a party wall award in a timely and efficient manner so that works may proceed.

John works closely with many Architects and other industry professionals often providing guidance during the design. He has a reputation as an excellent mediator.

   Assistance is also provided in drawing up access agreements and crane and scaffolding licences.

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Fault Diagnosis and Remedial Advice

Investigations into the cause of faults in buildings are an increasing part of our work, and the advance in construction technology brings new challenges.

Investigations are undertaken on buildings of any age.

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Guidance is provided to both Landlords and Tenants in respect of the obligations contained in the repairing covenants of commercial leases.

This commonly includes the preparation of a Dilapidations Claim on behalf of the Landlord, or the defence of a claim on behalf of a Tenant, but advice is also given to assess the extent of liabilities to assist financial planning.

As well as assessing the condition of the building, care is required when interpreting the extent of liabilities by careful examination of the lease clauses.

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Expert Evidence for Building and Boundary Disputes

Since 1989, John has prepared Expert Witness Reports for construction and boundary disputes, including acting as Single Joint Expert. Evidence is given in both Court and Arbitration hearings.

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